Vault Cleans & Infrared Scans


High Voltage Vault Maintenance

Power Pros Electrical provides high and low voltage maintenance solutions for your buildings main electrical distribution. BC Hydro, IEEE, insurance providers and other regulatory bodies require regular testing and maintenance every 36 to 42 months on these systems. We will ensure your building remains compliant with all regulations. Keeping your electrical system maintained will allow it to function at its optimal performance, preventing dangerous and costly failures.

Infrared Scans

Infrared Thermal Imagery Scans are an integral part of you preventative maintenance program. We will provide a report showing any areas of concern that are not able to be determined through a visual inspection. Over-loaded circuitry, faulty breakers/disconnects, and loose connections will cause irregular heat patterns, identified only through thermal imagery. Once identified, these issues can be corrected before they cause a costly failure. These inspections are a requirement of most insurance policies and is recommended to be completed every 24 -36 months.