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People are choosing to live, work and shop based on whether or not EV chargers are available.

Work Place

Whatever your organization’s EV Charging need is, Power Pros can provide the solution to fit your requirements. Lead the green initiative as an employer by adding EV charging stations for your employees and guests to use. We’ve worked with various corporate clients to meet employees, guests and customer’s needs.

Where you Live

Installing your charging station is easy and stress-free. We can help you choose the station that fits your needs based on your vehicle type, charging location, and budget. Power Pros works with all major property management firms and can assist Strata Councils in navigating the various steps.ᅠ

On The Go

EV Charging while you’re on the go is essential. EV drivers need to shop and eat. Why not invite them to your retail location by installing EV Charging stations. Travelling to the interior? Power Pros recently installed 33 EV Charging stations across the Kootenays!