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Charging 101 – Ready, Set, Charge!

Charging stations are the point of power for electric vehicles, ranging in style and charging levels and are subject to standards and codes. It is important to note that while electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSEs) are most commonly referred to as charging stations, they are not battery chargers. The main purpose of a charging station is to establish communication with the vehicle and to transfer power to the vehicle while providing proper grounding, shock protection, overload protection and general safety. There are three charging levels:

Level 1 – 110/120 Voltsᅠ

  • Provides the slowest rate of charging.ᅠ
  • Compatible with home outlets and works for all models; could be portable.
  • 5 to 8 kilometers per 1 hour of charging.ᅠ
  • Requires a dedicated circuit, usually 20A.ᅠ
  • About 2-30 hours to fully charged.

Level 2 – 220/240 Volts

  • Uses a dedicated circuit that is 208V to 240V and 30A to 100A.
  • 12 to 90 kilometers per 1 hour of charging, depending on the model.
  • About 2-10 hours to fully charged.

Level 3 – 400-600 Volts AC or high-powered DCFC station

  • About 30 minutes to fully charged.